About us

At Sunnyside we are a diverse group of people who love God and are learning to be a community. We want to love, without judging, everyone who comes through our doors. We strive to support each individual in his or her journey with Jesus, and encourage whatever their next step with Him might be. We want to spread the Word to Fresno that there is abundant life available to anyone who walks with Jesus.


Oh, and did we mention that we love kids and young people of all ages? And our classes show it! The classes page will be updated shortly, but you can call or fill out the form below and someone will get back to you shortly with details. 


We invite you to come worship, learn, connect, serve and grow with us! 

our pastors:
Jerry Nelson 

Senior Pastor


Jerry Nelson was born in Bozeman Montana to parents serving as private Christian high school teachers.  His dad taught Life Sciences and his mom was a choral director who also gave piano and voice lessons. From the age of 5 he and his two brothers grew up on the Pacific coast where his parents taught at Monterey Bay Academy (MBA). After graduating from MBA, he attended Pacific Union College receiving a Bachelors in Theology. He then completed a Masters of Divinity at Andrews University. Jerry has pastored congregations in both Northern and Central California Conferences and most recently served at MBA, his old stomping grounds, as Pastor, Chaplain and Religion Teacher. He and his precious wife, Vicki, have 5 children between them.


Jerry loves Jesus, saved and lost people, and loves the vibe at the Sunnyside Church! He began serving as interim pastor in September of 2017 and as Senior Pastor as of January of 2018.  He can't wait to see all that God has in store for our church as we humbly and prayerfully move along the beautiful pathway of the glorious future He has for us.

Nicholas Lozito is a father to two little ones and blessed to be married to Boualai since 2013. He spent much of his 20’s living overseas in mission work as well curious traveling; some years he was living with nomadic people in Laos and others he was on a tea farm in Southwestern China. He eventually started a tea business, travelling the States to give seminars and promoting his tea that is now carried in thousands of locations worldwide.

Unbeknownst to Nick, God had much bigger plans for His life. In 2014, he felt a strong call to ministry and is now overjoyed to be serving God and His people as a pastor here at Fresno Sunnyside SDA Church. Nicholas’ theology and interpretation of ministry is God’s people doing God’s work here on Earth, whether that is building schools in a foreign land or simply sitting in a café with someone and listening to their story. 


Nicholas’ passions are family, studying the Word, cooking (Italian and Thai), reading, and people. He is eager to hear your story as well and hopefully be a part of your Christian journey.

Nicholas Lozito

Youth Pastor